Saturday, June 11, 2011

girls just wanna have fun

Put together two long-time friends who have a whole year to catch up on, a full tank of gas, and enough cash to get into a bit of trouble, and you have the scene on Thursday morning when gal pal Jackie came to town for a sleep-over. We headed out for serious talk and some retail sleuthing. I was looking for a shirt of just the right color. I thought it would take all day to find it. I actually found it almost at once but we didn't let that triumph slow us down. We walked, we talked, we looked at stuff ~ I had forgotten how much "stuff" there is and rediscovered how little of it I want or need. I managed to find a nice bridal shower gift, and Jackie found a bottle of Mr. C's favorite b-b-q sauce for him. We had lunch, talked some more (actually, non-stop for hours), headed home in the late afternoon. I cooked up a mess of mussels in cream for dinner, and went to bed exhausted but very content.

Jackie and I have known each other for 45 years, since Berkeley days and law school for our respective spouses. Her oldest son and my younger daughter were crib mates and are still good friends. Both families were part of the Thanksgiving group who spent the holiday together for 35 years. We go way, way back! Whenever we get together, which isn't nearly often enough these days, we just take up where we left off at the last visit. She is as comfortable, familiar and warm as a long-cherished sweater. (I could have said "old shoe" but I like sweater better.) She went back home to Concord on Friday after we met a mutual "old sweater" friend for brunch and yet more talk. I was actually hoarse when she left.

Quiet and peaceful here today. Cool again after a couple of very nice warm days. Mr. C went up to the Farmers' Market this morning; I stayed in bed reading. Belmont Stakes in a couple of hours, Tony Awards tonight, then to see "Midnight in Paris" at the local bijoux tomorrow.

Go, Anthony Weiner. Just go.

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