Sunday, March 25, 2012

remember San Miguel?

I wrote on my report of our trip to San Miguel and Patzcuaro that I would post photos of the things we bought. Here they are.

From Dolores Hidalgo, gorgeous talavera pots, some for indoors, some for the garden. We had two big plants in the sala; a palm and some sort of a philodendron. Both had outgrown their pots. First on our list was new homes for those two.

This is what we chose for the palm. Here it is, all settled in.

This is the philo's new pot.

And here's the philo in it.

Both seem to be doing well after their initial transplant shock.

We also bought some small pots for the garden, mainly for our collection of geranium which, unfortunately, don't "summer over" here too well; too wet, too much humidity and salt in the air. But between December and May or June they thrive. But they have to be started in smaller pots first, so these are for next year's survivors.

When in Patzcuaro we took a drive over to Tzintzuntzan, home of many stonework yards. This is the little statue we bought for our garden. We like to think it's St. Francis who finally got away from those pesky birds for a brief respite from their incessant chatter and pestering. Since there were no birds sitting on his shoulder ~ and other St. Francis statues had such appendages but we didn't like them as well ~ we thought it might be Fr. Queroga, the first bishop of the area, but he was bald and our little chap has a nice head of wavy hair. So we don't know who he is but he seems content in our front garden.

Bless this house and all who live in it.

In Patzcuaro, fabric central for Mexico, I also bought some beautiful yardage for new drapes. The seamstress came this afternoon to talk about how I wanted them done. She had some really good ideas, took away the new fabric, the old drapes for measurements, and said she'd be back next Sunday with the finished product. Just in time, too. I washed the old ones to see if I could make them last one more season and they completely shredded. What with 10 years of salt, moisture, slapping against the screens, and being sprayed with rust from the ceiling fan, I guess they just gave out. We'll hang the new ones for a month, then put up the old pair for the summer and put up the new ones when we return for next season. Something to look forward to along with beer, margaritas and the daily avocado.


Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Nice pots, Bunz! Muy festivo! Just love all the nifty things you find in Mexico for your charming casa.

By the way, you say Alex is moving to Walla Walla-- leaving behind a small fortune in Mexican oil cloth in her cupboards-- OY!!!

The Fevered Brain said...

Oh no! She'll take all of it with her, plus the trove of new stuff she bought in Tonala that we are bring up to her. Her Walla Walla hacienda will be filled with colorful oil cloth!

mary ann said...

Good shopping ~ especially love the new statue and your bird rant...