Sunday, October 28, 2012

say cheese!

I've been looking for a new camera for two years.  The most important feature for me is a View Finder.  Most of the photos I take are in glaring light.  It's always glaring at the beach.  So I needed a camera that had a feature where I could "peek" at what I was taking and not have to use a screen that I usually couldn't see.  I trolled the internet, checked out camera articles by those who seemed to know what they were talking about, scanned ads in various magazines, consulted with g'son Andrew who has some glorious big, expensive rig, and finally settled on a Panasonic Lumix FZ47 Full HD.  I have no idea what all those strange numbers and letters mean but this is the camera of my (albeit modest) dreams.  It arrived today and I am slowly working my way through the manual.  I am guessing the author's first language is not English and he/she has a PhD in Camera from MIT or Cal Tech.  There's a lot of verbiage about what such and such a button or setting will do but not a word on how to find it or set it or use it. This is my first photo with my new toy.

What, you might ask, is that?  It's a tree face that decorates a big shade tree in front of a house in the next block.  It's permanently there, not just for the spooky holiday coming next week.

Here's the next one I took:  a red sage bloom on the shrub in the back garden.

 I am going to have a fine time with this new camera, if I can figure out how to use all its bells and whistles.  I am on page 50 of the User's Manual.   I will press on, however, until I have mastered it.  For now, it's just great fun to experiment.

Go Giants!


mary ann said...

great photos and good for you for reading the manual ~ that is one of my(few)weaknesses. Husbando says constantly, "if you would read the instructions you'd know why it is exploding/turning green/fogging up/cooling down, etc."

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Nice photos! Hope you continue to like/master the new camera...

Now hunkered down with H. Sandy bearing down on us. A direct hit. Wind is already wild, and a chronic sometime leak in my house is dripping away. (I know what it is; several folks have tried to stop it, but everytime there's heavy rain that beats from the north, it leaks from the 3rd floor door to the deck, clear down to the kitchen-- through a hanging light fixture.) Still hours to go before the full brunt of the storm hits us. We did not need this!!!