Saturday, June 8, 2013

107º in the shade

The valley is sweltering in blistering heat this weekend, although the report is for temperatures at least 15º degrees cooler tomorrow.  That means only about 92º.  Much cooler, wouldn't you agree?

It's really too hot to go outside in the mid-afternoon so I watched this documentary in the dim coolness of the house.

Anyone who has the slightest interest in fashion and over-the-top personalities should see this film.  By all accounts, she was a fascinating person.

Now that we have most of our when-we-get-home projects taken care of and our fall trip is all planned, it's time to think about reupholstering the couch in the den.  It has looked like this for about a dozen years and I'm getting very tired of it.  In addition, I had the room repainted last year and I want something a bit more, oh, I don't know, zippy, I guess.

I brought home some fabric samples and we both decided they looked like possibilities for the waiting room of a high-end psychiatrist.  Boring.  Way too calming.  I went on a hunt for something completely different and found these two samples.

I love the colors, the design and the look, but this piece has a few disadvantages; it's only 48" wide and it has no stain or fade protection.  Since it's so narrow I would need probably 35 yards!

This Ikat print is absolutely gorgeous (I just noticed that I have the print going in the wrong direction!) and it looks great in the room.  It's 54" wide, has both fade and stain protection, and is ON SALE.  Mr. C loves it.  So I think this will be it.  The recover will take about 5 weeks so if I get it all together in the next few days we could get it back just as we're getting ready to go to Europe.  But the room will look superb in our absence.


mary ann said...

Are you swimming? Love the new fabric!

The Fevered Brain said...

Yes, I'm swimming but not until the afternoon cools a bit. Too hot to be outside.