Saturday, August 17, 2013

he's back!

Oh, I guess I forgot to write that he was going in the first place.  Well, Mr. C took his annual safari to Ohio to visit family, attend a family reunion, tromp around the old farm, visit his childhood haunts.  During his 10 day absence I caught up with friends, went out to lunch (with Jackie, who came up from the Bay Area for an overnight)  and dinner with Erin (neighbor and gardener par excellence).  I also ruminated on why I have neglected this blog for so long.  I came up with no excuse.  Ennui, pure and simple.

Air® and a Spare
One important thing I did get done, however, was the transferring of all "vital" info from my iMac to the new Air®.  Mac genius Andy spent several hours fine tuning both machines and they are now in sync.  Mr. C took the LapMac with him so it is still mired in its 2005 iteration.  These two, however, have all the latest and greatest bells and whistles.  The Air® is now all ready for the upcoming trip which gets underway in less than three weeks.  Or so we hope.

After dropping substantial bucks on the computer business I then had to go out and buy a new printer.  My old workhorse just quit on me.  True, it was nine years old.  That's probably as much printing,copying/scanning as one should expect from a machine one didn't buy in the first place.  It was an Apple give-away when I bought the LapMac.  This spiffy new printer is wireless, has everything including FAX capability, and is allegedly easier on the wallet as far as ink cartridges are concerned.  That will be a welcome relief.

After waiting for two months, the furniture leaves this afternoon for the re-upholstery workshop.  It should all be back in about a week.  I've almost forgotten what I ordered!

I've been a fan of the author Louis Auchincloss (some vague relation to Jackie O).  He writes (wrote) such urbane, sophisticated novels of life mainly in the East coast corridors of social, financial and political power.  Today I finished "The Rector of Justin", set in an East coast private boys' prep school between about 1915 - 1945.  There's a lot going on here.  Much meat to chew over, especially for one who went through the religious boarding school experience.  Haven't chosen next read yet; any suggestions?


Ruby Strane DeGoursey said...

My recommendations:
The Solitude of Prime Numbers
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats
The Dinner
Me Before You
One Hundred Summers
And the Mountains Echoed

Ruby Strane DeGoursey said...

(And it's obviously Kaley, not Ruby. For some reason it won't let me sign out and correct it!)

The Fevered Brain said...

Many thanks for all these great titles. I've read The Mountain Echoed. The only one I can get through the LOC is The Dinner. I'll get right on it!

mary ann said...

I wish you would post more, you are such a terrific writer.
Your blog is a treat!