Sunday, January 5, 2014

the Sunday supplement

Lots going on here.  Well, may not "lots" but a few item which may, or may not be of interest.

First, the rain finally stopped after five days and somewhere over 3".  Not much, you may say, but for us it is an unseasonal downpour.  Wonderful for the trees and gardens; everything has greened up brilliantly.

  The mosquitoes, too, are probably breeding like, well, mosquitoes in all the little puddles and pools left around town.  In a week or so we'll reap that harvest.  We had a few days of clear, hot, brilliant skies but we are now in a cool, breezy overcast period.  It will probably change tomorrow.

Friday night we went back to Dago's to try again and my shrimp were vastly improved.   I took a little stroll on the beach and saw these delightful things.  First, a sand castle that was more like a bomb shelter.  Either that or the construction crew was unclear on the "castle" concept.  One wave and it will be all over for this place.

 Next I heard little band.  It was was really good; they played great old ranchero music, all in tune, all together!

I mention this fact only because on New Year's Eve there was a band down on the malecon that was so bad it was laughable.  It sounded like the players (a) had never seen one another much less played together; (b) had never played an instrument before at all and therefore could only play one note per instrument ~ trumpets, clarinets, tubas, drums, base; (c) were all congenitally tone deaf; or even (d) were practicing to appear as a rag-tag street band in a Fellini movie.  Personally I like (d) best.

This is a shot of Dago's from the beach side at about 6:30 in the evening.  The light is so warm and lovely.

And the sights, as the sun set.

We've spent the weekend getting the house ready for a potential buyer's visit on Thursday.  A paint touch-up here, a furniture rearrange there, setting up this, taking down that.  I am trying to look at the house through buyers' eyes.  Hey, I'd buy it in a minute!

One thing we had to repair was this little front wall in the downstairs patio.

 While he was working to fix some cracks  Fernando splattered wet cement all over it so we decided to repaint.

There is no way we could ever match the color; Marie and Fernando painted our walls years ago so the paint formula was long lost.  Instead I chose a vibrant, deep blue/purple  and, I must say, it looks fabulous.

Muy Mexicana.  Next the sun face goes back up on the wall, the fountain gets set up, the flamingos go back to grazing and we'll be ready for inspection.


Liz said...

Just love the new wall color, next to the terracotta. Also reminds me of this gorgeous garden in Marrakech, Morocco. See my travel photos:
Slides 021-040.

Actually, you might enjoy seeing all of the travel photos I have posted there: Morocco, Tunisia & the Silk Road, if you have nothing better to do!!!

mary ann said...

Lovely, sbc, everything ~ I'll be sorry when the house is sold, and it will be, alas...