Sunday, August 24, 2014

shake, rattle, roll

Yes, we had an earthquake up here in Northern California early this morning.  It was centered in Napa and that fair city sustained some serious damage.  But here in the valley, 44 miles north, what we had was some shaking and some rattling, but no damage.  I was already awake but on my way back to sleep.  Then I felt the shaking; I thought Mr. C was rolling over in bed.  But then the wooden blinds began to rattle, the roof creaked and I knew it was something more.  By now I had awakened Mr. C and we lay in bed listening to the neighborhood dogs bark and feeling the gentle rolling of the house.  And then it was over.  I would say here that it was about 20 seconds but, like most reporters, it seemed much longer.  A quick check of the internet confirmed an earthquake, 6.0, centered in Napa County.  So we went back to sleep.   Not us this time.  We've been waiting for a BIG one down in Mexico for a couple of years.  So far, so good, but maybe this is just a precursor to something much worse there.


mary ann said...

interesting that you felt it up there!

Liz said...

Glad all is well there in Davis. All is well in Oakland, too. Jennifer said quake woke up Bruce, herself & Raya, but the twins slept through it all.

And here I am, hoping to move to Palm Springs, where the San Andreas fault runs right through the Cochella Valley. But houses are mostly 1 story.