Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday in the vines

I went up to Yountville yesterday to have lunch with a pair of delightful sisters who are my daughters' ages.  I've known them since they were just young girls and have watched them grow into beautiful women.  We met at Bistro Jeanty ~ I'm getting in shape for my Paris trip in 40 days!!

We sat out in the enclosed patio in this really quite French spot.  I had a salad of heirloom tomatoes of all sized and colors followed by a warm lamb tongue and potato salad.  It was incredibly delicious.  The other two had the same salad along with French onion soup.  We all agreed the bistro was every bit as good as advertised.  I haven't been in Yountville for ages.  I remember it as just a wide spot on the road where there were a couple of restaurants, a gas station, and not much more.  It has become just too, too trendy, jammed with tourists, eaters, shoppers, etc.  I think I liked it better in the old days.

Alex, Andrew and Emily were here over the weekend.  I had not seen Em since she came to Mexico on her Easter break 18 months ago, and Andrew since last Thanksgiving.  However, after several hours of lounging around the pool and covering all topics,  I feel caught up with them.

 I don't know why or how this movie got on my Flix list but it arrived, I watched it and liked very much.  Very quirky.  I recommend. 

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jacquie1062001 said...

So glad you're going to have that Paris trip! You didn't sound so sure when you left Mexico last Spring.