Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all

It is a crisp, clear and sunny day here in the valley on this Thanksgiving day.  The house is full of good smells and good cheer.  Daughter Alex is here as are Andrew and Em.  No Bozeman this year, although reports from that front are that it, too, is clear and bright but with the added treat of snow. on.  I have been readying the house for this fine holiday for the past couple of weeks; beds have flannel sheets, silver all polished, firewood at the ready, prosecco chilling, festive breads made and in the freezer, and the cleaning ladies worked their magic on Monday.  As I write this Mr. C is busy getting the cornbread/wild rice dressing ready and heating his famous tomato soup.  I roasted the veggies earlier ~ I'll add the precooked beets and mushrooms at the end.  The turkey has been moved from the indoor refrigerator to the cold outdoors and is now back indoors in preparation for cooking.  Lordy!  This is a lot of work but well worth it.  I have so very much to be thankful for, not the least is that at least part of my family can be here today.  I don't get to see those kiddies nearly enough so two or three days at once is such a treat.  What would be perfect would be to have the Bozeman contingent, complete with granddogs, sharing our feast tonight.  But I'll take what I can get!  I hope for all of you, dear readers, a joyous joining of hands around your table, wherever you are.


I've been asked about "the coat" that was my big splurge purchase in Paris last month.  Here it is.  I hope you like it.

This coat is made of felted cashmere; so, so soft and warm.


Our various and several medical issues have been attended to and we are now recovering.  Mr. C  had double cataract surgeries and can now see like a teenager.  My leg is healing slowly but nicely.  I think the wound will be closed by the time we head south.  I have been diligent in my care taking and that's paying off.  Dr. V the Dentist gave me a blue ribbon report so that little chore is out of the way.  All in all, we are holding up just fine.


Two delightful amusements over the past weeks.  First is a really terrific book that I can recommend without reservations!

 Author Patrick DeWitt has a fantastic sense of humor and of the utterly absurd and ridiculous.  He has a new novel out ~ Undermajordomo Minor ~ that I will read as soon as the LOC has it available.  He does have a knack for titles, doesn't he?

Second is this delightful, heartwarming little movie.

(This title is not to be confused with the documentary about a hospital!)  Produced in 2007, it's a sweet, mostly quiet story set in London, with an excellent cast.  Throw a log on the fire and enjoy!


There has been such an outpouring of both outrage and sentiment about the events of November 13, so many photos of both the carnage and the eternal glory and beauty of the city.  I, too, am outraged that my beloved city has been so wounded and so viciously attacked.  I think about the parents and spouses and friends who bid concert-goers and sporting fans a "S'amuse bien!" and never saw any of them again.  But, beautiful Paris, like New York City,  will recover although will be forever scarred by such a violent  event.  I will go back soon to see how she's doing.  Meanwhile, Marchons!  Marchons!


mary ann said...

Ahhhhh very satisfying Thanks!

Liz said...

Great to hear from you again-- finally! I worry about you, when it's so long between posts...

Hope your grand-sounding Thanksgiving feast was as delicious as it sounded! So happy for you that your loved ones shared it with you!!

When do you depart for Mexico?

Your readers have all missed you LOTS!!!