Tuesday, June 21, 2016

the celluloid life

Mr. C is notorious for his aversion to actually going to the movie theatre.  If and when he does actually agree to go it has to be for something really off-the-wall.  And it happens about once every other year.  So in the last week he has used up 4 years of movie-going.

A week ago we went to see Love & Friendship, the film based on an unfinished Jane Austen novella.  Great costumes, a couple of terrific character actors, a lot of mumbled, indecipherable dialog, some gorgeous real estate.  Critics have raved.  They must have seen a different movie.  It has also been noted that, unlike most Austen stories, the scheming character does not get her comeuppance.  I don't agree.  She gets the worst kind; life with a rich fool.

Talk about your off-the-wall.  The Lobster is a grim dystopian film with a few funny lines delivered by dark, sad characters  in a dark, damp location.  It was a shame to waste one of our movie-going dates on this one.

On the small screen, I have finished watching Grace and Frankie and I absolutely loved every single film cell that was used to create this crazy show.  The four main characters have all played in films together in one way or another.  Lily Tomlin is a full-blown genius!

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ddmichel said...

I love Gracie and Frankie too - good example of getting better while getting older...