Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday in Suchitlan

We had a guest here for two nights while his apartment at the casa was occupied by renters. As a "thank you" he took us to lunch at Los Portales, a wonderful restaurant situated in an old coffee plantation in Suchitlan up in the hills outside Colima.

The seating is either outside under the coffee trees

or in a big covered patio that looks out on the other tables.

Mr. C and I both ordered chiles rellinos picadillo; Marie and Al both had Birria mixta, a stew of shredded beef and pork that you spoon into a tortilla, ladle on some of the spicy sauce, roll up and enjoy!

The restaurant was filled with gorgeous displays of noche buena flowers in amazing colors, even some striped ones.

This little town is famous for its mask-carvers, and the restaurant has many on display throughout. All of them are for sale. They decorate the walls of the patio; every time we go back there are new ones to tempt me.

It was an altogether lovely day. Good food, good things to look at, good fellowship. Thanks, Al.


mary ann said...

Oh, man, what a delightful spot!

Fran said...

Beautiful night flowers? Did you buy that mask?

The Fevered Brain said...

Unfortunately, no, I didn't. I'm not a mask collector. But many people here are. The problem? Termites. They eat everything, including the bases of our equipale furniture. You never know when you'll land on the floor!