Sunday, July 17, 2011

today's fortune

Who are these cute kids?

They are the Sanchez children, Antonio and Adelina. Why are they on my blog? Because granddaughter Emily left for Spain on Thursday and she will be living with the Sanchez family for a month. Did I forget to mention she was going to do that? I AM out of practice.

Last night we went to a new (to us) Chinese eatery in town. I would give it about a "B". The spicy tofu wasn't good (or spicy), the Mongolian beef was tender and hot, the steamed veggies were perfect. Here's my fortune: Great works are performed not by strength, but my perseverance. I have not idea what that means.

Off tomorrow morning for a few days with boarding school gal pals in La Jolla. Not taking the LapMac; traveling light. Taking camera, tho. Hostess has computer so I can post, if so inclined. Obviously I have not been so inclined these last few weeks. Maybe a little trip will wake me up.

Weather here cool and lovely. Same in SoCal, I think. Even cooler, perhaps. Looking forward to beach walking, avenue strolling, getting caught up with friends. And I love being in La Jolla.

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ddmichel said...

I miss your blog - I know you are doing something so cool that no one can know about it, am I right??