Wednesday, July 6, 2011

remember chairs?

Back in January, while still at the beach, I somehow got on the subject of chairs. I had taken some equipale chairs up to Colima for refresh and repair. "No More Commas Period" over in the left column then posted a note about her new chair. Next came the photo of the no-legged chair I saw at the tianguis. Finally, the announcement of daughter Alex's new job and, of course, a big executive swivel chair.

Are you ready for more chairs?

These little Italian beauties are for the beach, up on the 3rd floor. Very sturdy plastic, very comfortable. Ordered six of them on line from Crate and Barrel; bought the cushions at our local CostPlus. I think they'll look quite stunning under the palapa around the table when we gather to sip margaritas and watch the sunset.

On a non-chair note, I watched two movies yesterday; it's way too hot to be outside before 4 PM. First was The Draughtsman's Contract directed by Peter Greenaway. The second was Taken directed by Pierre Morel. Neither is worth the time. The Draughtsman is just Greenaway being naughty but with great costumes. Taken is a lot more fun. In my opinion it's a complete spoof on spy/thriller/suspense movies. Our hero, played by Liam Neeson's is on a rescue mission for his daughter who has been kidnapped in Paris. He takes on everyone (and every cliché) from every movie made in this genre. By the end of the film he has gotten the job done without a scratch and has left about 35 corpses in his wake. Right.

Next two movie projects are Louis Malle's Phantom India (7 hours), and Portrait of a Marriage (2 discs), the story of Vita Sackville-West and her husband Harold Nicholson, both members of the Bloomsbury literary and artistic coterie in London before and during WWI. I read the book many years ago, written by their son. It was a BBC production about 25 years ago. It will be interesting to see if it holds up.


mary ann said...

Oh, I sooooo love those chairs!

Alexandra said...

Emily thought Taken would be a great movie to watch with her Dad the night before she leaves for Spain....such a funny kid!