Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it's official!

Who would have believed it? My daughter, an academic administrator! You would think she had learned about the treachery of such employment after listening to her mother for 20 years. Ah, the triumph of hope over experience!

Message from Alex this morning that she has signed a contract with California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) accepting the position as Director of Development for the campus (thus the cushy executive chair). It has been a long process over three months or more; four interviews, much paperwork, stops and starts, but finally an offer she couldn't refuse. Congratulations, Alex! Well done and well deserved

Although she starts the new job on February 7th, she will still be coming down here for 10 days of R & R on February 19th. Part of her job acceptance negotiation was that she be able to take her planned vacation. She'll get to relax before taking up the rigors of her new duties. And we'll celebrate her birthday, too.

Enough already with chairs.


Alexandra said...

Thanks for the plug Mom, it's always an honor to be featured in your blog! I love your choice of visual aides and this post is no exception!
Love You too!

mary ann said...

This is very exciting ~ hearty congrats to Alexandra. No easy feat. And I love that you are continuing the chair theme, while I branch out into ice cream.