Sunday, January 30, 2011

home . . .

and glad to be here. Cuyutlán has none of the glitz, glamour, crowds, or rude gringos that Sayulita has. It was fun to visit but I wouldn't want to live there, even for 5 weeks. I am much happier in this down-at-heel, quiet, undiscovered (mostly) spot. Plus it's warmer here.

Mr. C and I celebrated our 47th at a little restaurant down the hill from our casita. I ordered ~ and was looking forward to ~ camerones al mojo de ajo but what arrived was a filete with garlic. But that was OK; very tasty. And the owner comped us 2 beers for her mistake.

More, with photos, tomorrow. We had an easy drive home, very little traffic (it's Sunday). Made it in 7 hours with a quickie stop at the CostCo in Guadalajara for our favorite salami and bread. There are some things one just doesn't want to do without.

Tianguis tomorrow. Let's see what's new in the stalls.

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