Saturday, January 22, 2011

more equipale

We took yet another chair and a table up to Colima yesterday to have refinished at Equipale Arguello, the little shop we patronize on Calle Nicholas Bravo. It's one of several along this particular stretch. Great looking stuff piled out on the curb and in the street.

We have now had three of our four chairs redone. Here's the last one in its "before" stage.

And here's one in its "after" condition.

These are new chairs, some dyed, some in the original pale, almost-pink skins. And you can see a new style of chair, one with low arms and a higher back. I like the old ones best.

Gotta go. "Rigoletto" is about to start.


mary ann said...

cool chairs!

Linda said...

I came over from Mary Ann's blog.
I love your chair in its makeover photo.
And I like the old style better too.