Friday, January 14, 2011

a party and a present

Mac and Juan have one of the prettiest houses in the village. It was a falling-down, rat and termite-infested mess when they bought it three years ago. It had been abandoned before it was finished. As a result, hosts of critters moved in through empty window openings and over time it looked like it was about to crumble. With a lot of hard work and much imagination, they have turned it into a colorful, light-filled house with great things to look at on the walls, a beautiful garden and pool area ~ a perfect party house. It has a fine view of the sea out across the deck and the empty lot in front, which they wisely bought so their view will never be lost.

They are fun, gracious hosts who love to entertain and do it very, very well. And last night was no exception. There were more than 30 guests treated to a wonderful dinner of carnitas, pollo en salsa verde, crispy flautas al pollo, beans, guacamole (Juan's specialty), plus some really spicy stuffed jalapeƱos. Then there was the birthday cake for Roger, the celebrant.

A memorable evening with good food, good conversation.

And a fabulous surprise for me. One of the guests presented me with a gift, and it wasn't even MY birthday. She and her partner had come across this little wall hanging in their travels and it reminded them of me. (This saying is part of my email sig line.) Best present I've had since my last grandchild was born!

I'll get a little piece of dowel, thread it through the top and hang it over my desk here and, of course, take it home to hang up there. What a great present. Thank you, again and again.

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mary ann said...

Great post ~ it cheers me right up.