Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday in Sayulita

Off to Bucerias this morning for some research on future stays on this northern coast. What a place. Same as Sayulita ~ tons of gringos ~ but this is a slightly older group. No one over 50! We drove in and drove out. No stopping, no strolling, nada. Mr. C is not much for exploring the nooks and crannies of a place. So we pressed on toward Puerto Vallerta, mainly looking for the CostCo and other shopping venues. He's big on those. We stopped and started and turned and U-turned but couldn't find the CostCo. So we headed back north, stopped at the Mega, a sort of Safeway kind of place. Did a bit of shopping, then headed back to Sayulita. We had lunch out on the terrace where it was warm and lovely. I had a problem with my insulin pump ~ the battery went out and none of the batteries I had with me worked ~ so we went back into the village, bought new batteries, then parked and walked over the river to the "other" side of the town. We located the little Moroccan hotel we originally wanted to stay in but couldn't because they only way we could pay for it was via PayPal and I REFUSE to deal with them after a $790 rip-off. Nice place but probably noisy since all of the rooms are on the street. We strolled the streets and checked out various restaurants and shops. I am perfectly happy doing this, poking in and out of places, checking out what's around. Mr. C, on the other hand, is more destination-focused and is completely uninterested in random discovery. And to think we've been doing this for 47 years, as of tomorrow.

We returned home, did some reading, and then it was time for the puesta del sol. And this is what we saw from our terrace.

While here I am reading an hysterically funny book by Peter Lovesey, "The Reaper." He does the English clergy and its foibles better than anyone I have read in a long time. Brought a copy of The Nation along, but that's too depressing to read in such a lovely spot.

Tomorrow we will find someplace yummy for an anniversary celebration. There is only one problem; it has to be a spot that is ultra casual. Here's why. I am suffering from a wardrobe malfunction. I left my "out to celebrate" clothes neatly folded on a hanger in the closet in Cuyutl√°n. I have NO change of clothes other than a pair of shorts. I have the duds I rode in on, shorts, a T-shirt, jammies and my Tevas. How could I have done that? Fortunately I never see the same people twice so no one is the wiser. Mr. C never notices anyway.

Tomorrow from the Met Opera: Tosca. I'll be sitting out on the terrace listening to this operatic tour de force. I hope you will be listening, too, wherever you are. You don't want to miss the delicious dispatch of that most heinous of bad guys, Scarpia!


mary ann said...

What a sunset, and w/o photo shop, I'm sure! Sorry about the leaving of the fashions, I've done that too. No arguments on your anniv. ~ there is
always tomorrow for that. xoxoxoxo

Fran said...

Tell us about the PayPal ripoff, please.