Monday, January 31, 2011

what the morrow brought

First, I was not feeling so hot when we left for the tiangues this morning. I wasn't sure what the problem was, but the longer I was there the worse I felt. So we called it quits early, before I had a chance to buy berries, cherry tomatoes, avocados, or squash. I came home, dropped off my fellow shoppers, and decided I best test my blood sugar. Wowza! Way too high! And I was feeling much worse. So I spent most of the day trying to balance my blood sugar with insulin. I finally decided there was something wrong with the pump set up, made some changes, and things began to look up. It's now been almost 10 hours and I am finally feeling better. It's all a delicate balance to which one must pay strict attention. Boring.

Second, while convalescing in my bed, I heard some strange bubbling noises coming from the bathroom. The toilet was sending up big bubbles, although the water level wasn't involved. So I flushed the toilet to see what was happening. It flushed, then started to overflow. I yelled for Mr. C to come look. He went out to the upstairs half-bath located off the terrazzo and found that it was leaking badly. Pretty soon the bedroom bath settled down and seemed OK. Meanwhile he went downstairs to check that half-bath. It seemed to be fine. Then came the guest bathroom. While he was there, it began to bubble up, too, and then simply gushed to overflowing with, ahem, brown water! What a horrible turn of events. There I was, upstairs, battling a dangerously high blood sugar while he was downstairs battling all the earmarks of cholera. But he valiantly mopped and cleaned up as best he could. Then we decided on another experiment; flushing toilets again. Same eruption although not quite so toxic. Every square inch has to be completely disinfected; scrubbed, Cloroxed, laundered.

So it appears we have no toilets in our house; all four of them are plugged or something. We have no idea what has happened. We just had Elias here a couple of weeks ago fixing stuff. Does this mean he fixed one thing but befouled something else? Who knows. Fernando has gone off to Talpa on an annual pilgrimage, Elias in working on a big job in Comala (about 50 miles away). Both will be back either Wednesday or Thursday.

Meanwhile, we will move across the street to one of the apartments in the casa for the night (or nights) until things get fixed. Thank God for Marby and Casey and their delightful place.

Es la vida Mexicana loca.



Alexandra said...

Well what else can I say but "Crap!" Hope your plumbing woes are fixed soon, what a drag.

mary ann said...

Oh, bad news w/ both blood sugar and bubbling toilets. But if you are feeling better that's really all that matters.