Friday, July 6, 2012

dark reading

I have just finished this book, the second by the author. My friend MAS over at No More Commas Period (over there on the left) recommended Ms. Flynn as a fine author and accomplished plotter. I would agree, although I also found the characters distinctly weird, vicious, uncivilized, and mostly unlikable.  I found the same to be true with her first book, Sharp Objects.  Those folks I really didn't like.  But the stories are fascinating and superbly well put together.  She has a new novel, Girl Gone that isn't yet available at the LOC recorded books.  Despite all of the above, I'll probably get it when I can.  Some readers just never learn, do they?

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mary ann said...

I just read Sharp Objects and my, the author has come a LONG way and you'll see this when you read Gone Girl. But damn, now I'll have to read this one and I wasn't going to.