Thursday, July 5, 2012

getting ready for the painters

We are having our guest bedroom and den/library/TV locale painted after 20+ years. I am changing the wall color from a taupe-y shade that changes as the light changes in the room ~ to a pale buttery yellow. The guest room is very dark due to foliage that has grown up in the neighbor's side yard and I think this light, warm color will do wonders. We'll see. But before Max the Painter arrives next Monday we have to completely dismantle the den.

There are about 700 books in the shelves that must be taken out, cleaned, thumbed through for crucial notes left over the years, and then stacked up in our bedroom to await (a) replacement in the freshly painted shelves or (b) relegation to a "take to the library" box.   We talk a good game about weeding out our book shelves but what happens is books just get re-shelved somewhere else in the house. If we ever got rid of our books I think the roof would fall in.

If you happen to remember the post I put up about the "three twins" I would see on my morning walk, look at them now!  This picture was snapped by my neighbor and fellow walker when she saw them in the market.  They are three years old now and as cute as ever.


Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Aren't those little girls adorable? Little girls are so special... but then no one has to tell YOU that!!!

Re books: When we moved from NH to B'more, we had the mother of all garage sales. There were boxes & boxes of books. See, when you have to pay to move them by the POUND / distance, suddenly lots of old books don't seem worth keeping.

My wall of books in my den are now full. There are lots of them I could dump, including a beautiful encyclopedia set. One of these days... That's why I love my Kindle so much-- don't have to find any more room for new books!

mary ann said...

Oh, you are brave/brave/brave to go through those books discovering old memories good and bad! I love light yellow rooms...