Thursday, June 28, 2012

hail to the chief

Five-to-four will do just fine, thank you very much. I was astonished that it was the Chief, a clear red, who sided with the blues. I read part of the opinion on the SCOTUS blog to see if Justice Kennedy wrote a separate dissenting opinion. He did not; the four dissenters wrote a joint opinion that doesn't let the reader know who the author is, and I am not familiar enough with each member's style to figure it out. The Dynamic Duo, Scalia and Thomas, can be counted on to dissent from almost everything rational or with a social justice impact. Alito is also a pretty strong bet. So the mandate stands, albeit unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause but acceptable as a tax. That one was a surprise although the government "mentioned" the tax slant in its brief, as it had to because it couldn't argue it without previous notation. Now the state-by-state fallout on Medicare will be another show. I think Roberts' agreement with the liberals may be more devious than one might think. He did make a comment to the effect that if you don't like this outcome you can change the make-up of those who brought it to you. Was this a ploy to get the anti-Obamacare troops fired up? Some are calling him the Earl Warren of the Bush appointees. It is rumored that Eisenhower, who appointed Warren as Chief Justice, rued the day he ever did that, thinking Warren was a reliable conservative. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

mary ann said...

it's just so nice to have a victory and now the Dems can really start to sell this sensible (not perfect, like Single Payer would be) program

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Susan, I thought of you when the big announcement came, because I was visiting you in Mexico when the bill was passed. When I heard the ruling, I burst into tears.

Then, the first shot out of the gun, a former repub congressman screamed, "Oh my God, this is terrible, all of these people will be thrown off their health care plans and forced into a government plan." He ranted on for a few seconds until he was cut off by the station. (Where in hell had he come up with that???)

Now, the vicious right are screaming either "Repeal, repeal!" or shouting out lies about the ACA. ("Obama lied!!! It's a tax, it's a tax!!!")

Then the Mittster comes out,looking like he's just had an enema, and proceeds to dish up more lies & repeal threats.

Finally, Pres. Obama comes out & gives a 5-minute speech on the key elements in the bill, beginning with, "First, if you have health insurance, you keep it." I hope he and his surrogates go over these points every day for the next 4 months.

Then, we had a parade of repub governors, beginning with motor-mouth Jindal saying they were not going to go along with the Medicaid thing, no siree. Well, here's the thing... although they don't have to go for the expansion (although the Feds will pay for it)they don't have the option to do nothing. They all have to set up an insurance pool for people, and a participation plan. They can a) do it themselves, b) work with the Fed to set it up, or c) allow the Fed to come in and do it for them.

It is obvious that all those nay-sayers screaming the loudest haven't a CLUE as to the benefits of the ACA. They haven't even read it!!!