Sunday, June 17, 2012

a one-sheet night

It's hot as blazes up here in the valley.  Temperatures yesterday in the triple digits and it didn't really cool off last night; more of the same today.  It is actually too hot to go outside until late in the afternoon and even then it's like walking into the breath of a dragon.  So I've spent the past few days catching up on movies I missed while away:  Season 2 of Downton Abbey; season 3 of In Treatment; season 1 of The Killing; and a really delightful Wild Target, instant-watch on the Flix with my favorite British actor, Bill Nighy.  As for reading, finally finished Matthew Pearl's The Poe Shadow ~ didn't like it near as much as The Dante Club and I see he has a new one just out, The Technologists.  Then there's always the New Yorkers that pile up and I have to devote a couple of days of uninterrupted reading to catch up.  On that subject, don't miss Ryan Lizza's article in the June 18th issue along with a piece by Jane Mayer.  I love that magazine!

Both Mr. C and I have had our share of medical visits; A+ all the way.  Took Dorothy for her yearly spa day; A+ again.   Hired some house cleaners for the first time in years, the same ones I had while I was working.  Eva and her sisters and I think some cousins (there were 6 of them in all) arrived at 1 PM, mops and brooms and pails at the ready.  Three hours later they packed up and drove away, leaving behind a house that hasn't been this clean in years.  I have gotten very spoiled having Chuy come to our house at the beach twice a week for a pittance.  I can afford Eva once a month but it's worth it.  She'll be back in four weeks.  I haven't yet received the estimate from the painter or the drape maker, but those two projects will get underway soon.  It's a busy summer so far, and I haven't even made my plans for an art day in San Francisco or a reunion trip to La Jolla.

Tonight we're having dinner with our friend Lou whose wife is currently in Cairo with her ailing sister.  We expect good insights.  I'm hoping it will be cool enough so we can eat outside by the pool.

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