Saturday, June 9, 2012

how they do it at Thacher

From the Senior Banquet to the post-commencement luncheon served to all guests, graduation at Thacher is a joyous occasion during which each senior is individually acknowledged and fĂȘted. Here are a few more shots of the Friday night banquet.

Alex, Emily and Andrew
Emily and her proud brother
Emily and her Rat Pack.  On her left, her roomie next year at USC
On Saturday morning we all gathered again under the tent for the graduation. The seniors gather up on the road above the playing field and, two by two, come down the steps to be piped across the lawn by a group of bagpipers, fitted out in their full regalia.

Em and Chris Yih

Each student is called to the stage to receive personal accolades from the head of school. He reads a mini-bio that highlights the talents, achievements and pranks of the graduate, to the delight of classmates and families.   We heard wonderful stories about 62 quite remarkable young women and men.

Emily's turn

After that of course, it was complete chaos!  Hugs and squeals and the pop of camera flashes for the next hour. 

First, her parents.

Then Aunt Cait and Mike.

Then some other folk. 

And finally, her extended family plus friends of the graduate gathered to give our Emily three cheers!

L to R:  Mac, Andrew, Em, Peter
Here's a short family history of the Jordan's and Thacher. Three generations have attended this school. Em's grandfather, Mac Jordan, graduated in 1938. Em's father, Peter, graduated in 1969, brother Andrew in 2007.  Quite a legacy.


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great report and I loved the pix

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Congrats to Emily! What a lovely occasion. Great family photos!