Monday, September 10, 2012

new faces

It's a slow news day so I thought I'd just call attention to some new links I have put up over on the left. For those of you who have not yet figured it out I am an unregenerate lover of all things French. I have always believed that my soul (French) somehow got misdirected to this little American baby (me) about to explode into the world. I keep my eye out for interesting things French and have come across these two blog sites. The first is HiP Paris written by a francophile who splits her time between Paris and the US. The Francofly lives in France and posts wonderful illustrations she does around Paris and other cities. Her name is Jessie Kanelos and she also does sketches for the HiP Paris blog. Her illustration on HiP of the September "rentrĂ©e" in Paris is wonderful. See her treatise on finding good American food in Paris; she has discovered where to find a BLT, with this almost edible drawing. 

The third new link is Oh Joy! written by a woman who must be the the world's most dedicated shopper and seeker of all things deliciously indulgent. Another fun read with my morning coffee (after No More Commas Period, of course).

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mary ann said...

oh, you just made my day!