Friday, September 7, 2012

not quite out of the park

First there was Michelle's triple, out of the park. Then there was Bill. Another triple. Biden was predictably Biden, but a good, fire-y speech. What happened next was somewhat of a let down. Or am I the only one who thought that? The speech didn't meet my expectations or the run-up. Not much fire but a lot of gravitas. Perhaps that's what's called for in these times. The convention did, however, cover all the Obama bases; the past (Michelle), the present (Bill) and the future (himself). Now it's up to us leafleters, doorbell ringers, phone banksters. I don't yet feel as fired up as I did four years go, but what does get me going is the thought of the alternative!

NOTE ON THE SIDE: Aren't those Obama daughters gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Agree with all you said! Obama girls are beyond adorable. Did you see Gov. Duvall Patrick of MA??? He was also fabulous-- what a great speaker!!!

And all the wonderful women! Including our little Senator Barb from MD. We just love her here!!!

OMG-- we just HAVE to win in Nov. Just cannot imagine the alternative...

mary ann said...

The alternative is too dreadful to think about ~ everyone I know sent lots of little $$$$ to his campaign.