Saturday, November 2, 2013

DATELINE: Paris (6)

It's quiet in the Marais on Saturday as it is a traditionally Jewish section of the city.  Everything shuts down at sunset on Friday, now about 6 o'clock.  Almost nothing is open for business until late in the afternoon today, if at all.  The Synagog next door held services, then a meal, then afternoon study so all was peaceful.  We went over to the old nabe because there is a wonderful butcher who sells cooked meat and, besides, Saturday is the big street market day at Maubert.  So instead of doing some research over here to find what we want we got on the Metro and went over there.  Remember what I said about the StairMaster?  It is 206 stairs ONE WAY between the St. Paul and Maubert Metro stations.  That includes both up and down!   There are escalators in two of the stations but we can never find them!  After all of that it's 25 stairs up to the apartment from the ground floor. I just call it good exercise and forget it.

We did find what we were looking for ~ a hunk of roast pork ~ and bought some veggies and some other treats and came home.  This afternoon I did the last load of laundry for this trip while Mr. C went on the "liquid" run at the local market.  We're set for the next couple of days.  We haven't gone to any restaurants since we've been back because of his cold and cough.  But perhaps before we leave on Thursday we'll get in one smart dining experience.

It was raining off and on today but tomorrow should have some sun.  If so it will be a visit to the Musée Nissim  over in the 8eme alongside the beautiful Parc Monceau.  Only one Metro stop; maybe 35 stairs?


mary ann said...

Beautiful ~ you sound like a native of Paris now. Hmmmm, that roast pork sounds great. Photo?

meg said...

I've so totally enjoyed your blog of your France travels. It's definitely on my bucket list. Must put that five years of high school french into practice.
Enjoy the balance of your journey.