Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DATELINE: Paris (9)

It was a cold (43º) and rainy day in Paris today so no go to anywhere.  I did get a couple of things accomplished, however.  First, I finished this astonishing book.

If it isn't on your list or already on your bedside reading table, add it.  A read for our time.

Second, I got repacked.  I hated to do it but it's time.  It seems I have less than when I left home.  More room, somehow.  But that can't be true because, if anything, I've added to the load.  But everything fits into the 2 bags with even a bit of room left over.  I managed to pack just about right; there is only one thing I brought that I didn't wear (a dress) and most everything I have worn so often that I'm sick of it.  This reminds me of my time in boarding school when we, as a group, pledged that we would burn our uniforms in a great beach bonfire after we graduated.  And we did so on Coronado beach during our graduation party at the grand old Hotel del Coronado!  I never want to see any (or most) of these clothes again!  Actually, after five months in Mexico in shorts and T-shirts I won't remember any of these winter duds and will be amazed to see them again.

Tomorrow's forecast is for partly sun/partly clouds.  I am hoping to take a last gasp walk over to Village St. Paul and then that will be it for this trip.  The van picks us up at 7:30 on Thursday morning for a trip out to Charles deGaulle for a 10:30 flight home.  I'm keeping a bit of room in my suitcase for any treasures I might find.

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