Tuesday, February 18, 2014

las fruitas

Yesterday's tianguis yielded a gorgeous selection of fruits ~ pint-sized pineapples, mangoes (first of the season of this small variety), cantaloupes, a papaya that will be ready in a couple of days, tart little limes, juicy oranges for my breakfast treat, and bocce ball-sized watermelons, sweet and mostly seedless.  What a haul!

It only gets better as the season rolls on.

We've been getting ready for our first guest of the season.  Old friend Jeff from Atlanta arrives tomorrow for a few days in the warm tropics.  Stock up on tequila, get out guest towels, make sure all light bulbs work, find extra blanket for cool nights, buy box Kleenex® for bathroom, etc., etc.  Amid these preparations, Mr. C decided to clean out the bodega, an annual chore he refers to as "cleaning out the potato bin," a particularly onus childhood chore on the farm.  Only one giant cucaracha and one very large spider this year.  No alacrons.  Among the treasures long stored there were these charming little fellows.

In fact, I have six of them.  They started out as a joke gift to a friend of ours who had just returned from, I think, Cairo.  Neighbor Gina and I put them in her garden.  She was mortified!  Then my turn came to receive them when I got back from somewhere, probably Mexico.  I decided they were just what the casa needed and brought them down.  I've not had them out for several years but decided that since this might be the last season we're here (pretty doubtful, actually), I'd put them out and enjoy them!

St. Francis gets his own bird.

Chuy came this morning to get the house ready for our guest and went home with all the fixings for her sensational chiles rellenos picadillo for tomorrow night's dinner.  As if she doesn't have enough to do; her 5-month old granddaughter, Fernanda,  is being baptized on Sunday and she's preparing a feast for about 100 people ~ mostly family as she has 12 brothers and sisters and Fernando has 9 ~ to be held at the puesto after the mass.  We've been invited; I'll do the photo thing.

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