Thursday, February 6, 2014

opera, fauna, sandwiches, toilets

OPERA:  This is a head-up for any of you who like opera.  Saturday's offering is "Rusalka" by Antnine Dvorák with Renee Flemming.  If for no other reason, tune in to hear her sing the sublime Song to the Moon which has become her signature aria.  I think it is one of the most beautiful arias in any opera anywhere.

FAUNA:  These little creatures have been grazing on brush across the street and in the lot next to us.  The three of them, along with their herder, can be seen (and heard) almost every day.

SANDWICHES:  When I was growing up my family had a summer house in Newport Beach. The mornings were spent with chores, shopping, and then around noon my father and I (my sister was too young) would stroll down to the bay across the street and take a nice long swim.  When we got home, lunch would be ready in the patio.  The best would be avocado-bacon sandwiches on rye bread.  Yesterday I made just that.

 I used Jack's home-made sourdough rye bread, ripe avocados, bacon from the chap in Tecoman.  It was unbelievably good.  Took me right back to those long-ago days when we would sit in the garden, the sun glittering off our salty skin, and my father would wash his sandwich down with a beer (my mother would frown). Good memories.

TOILETS:  We went in to Tecoman today to do several errands, including looking for new toilets for our two half-baths.  We really hadn't planned on buying any, just looking.  But we found just what we wanted, put down the pesos, and now have two new  loos awaiting installation in a couple of weeks.  The ones there now are 30 years old and so low to the ground I refuse to use them!  So new ones are on the way.

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mary ann said...

such a beautiful post - goats, food and memories!