Friday, September 5, 2014

the new roof

Come Monday morning the great re-roofing project will get underway.  First comes the tearing off of the current shake shingles and I, for one, will be sad to see them go.  I like the look of them, but our fair city has decided they are a fire hazard and can no longer be installed.  Next will come a city inspection of our attic; there are a raft of new regulations that went into effect July 1 that we have to adhere to.  These include the right kind of insulation, the correct location of attic vents (we now have one; need five!), and enough vents under the eaves below the roofline.  These new rules were almost a game changer for Mr. C; he's not fond of anyone's rules but his own.  But calmer heads have prevailed and the show will go on.

After the tear off and insulation inspection  will be a thorough check for dry rot.  If there is any, repairs will follow.  If not, the skylights will be  installed in the garage and the solar tube in the guest bath.  They all arrived yesterday afternoon.

 On Wednesday or Thursday (depending on what repairs may have to be done first) the piles of roof shingles arrive.  I picked a color I think will go with the house but having seen it on a roof in another part of town, I'm not sure.  I'll just have to wait until it's all up and, of course, by then it will be too late.  I guess as long as we're dry and warm it doesn't really matter.  This whole thing is supposed to take about a week, so perhaps by next Friday it will all be over and we can concentrate on the next fix-it:  two new toilets.  To be continued . . .


mary ann said...

I do not envy you..

Liz said...

Lordy, what a big job, but it sounds like it will add greatly to your comfort (& energy savings) in the long run. Best to count on 10 days, though!

For Sale sign went up Thursday, website material & printed items done-- great new photos & copy I helped write, plus a blurry video. Will send you link. Still a lot of small jobs left to do, but progress has been made. Brokers open house this Wednesday. Wish me luck!