Monday, September 15, 2014

the roof: week one

One week gone and we are about half done.  There were a couple of delays such as more work needed on insulation and many plywood sheets had to be replaced.  Here's what happened last week and here's where we are as of today, Monday morning,

Two skylights in the garage, one solar tube in bath. 
The first real visible progress was the installation of two skylights in the garage, one solar tube in the bathroom.  These were done before anything else and they look terrific.

Next came the delivery of this insulation stuff that had to be blown into the attic.  What a gawd-awful mess it made all over everything.  It looked like snow falling, but apparently our attic is now snug and, most important, meets all the energy requirements of our fair city.

That hose on the right is connected to a blower.  Dave's wife fed the bags of insulation into the blower and it shot out and into the attic.
Next came the plywood replacements.  There were some rotted sheets here and there so we  had the whole thing redone.  This stuff has foil on the back for extra insulation.  It's going to be might snug around here!

By now it's Thursday.  The rest of the week, including Saturday morning, was spent hammering and sawing and getting the roof all ready for the delivery of the shingles this morning.  It was beastly hot here all last week and the two chaps, Dave and John, were totally beat by Friday afternoon.  But everything looks clean and ready.

Sure enough, early this morning the truck loaded with shingles, tar paper, the attic vents and other assorted equipment showed up to dump its contents.  The workmen got up on the roof and started unloading.

But wait!  Let's check the color of those roof shingles!  Wrong color.  So they've loaded up the shingles and taken them back wherever they came from and will return with the proper color.  But the guys are still working on the vents so all is not lost.  I don't know how long this exchange will take; perhaps they'll be back this afternoon and we'll try again.

Meanwhile, it's going to be a bit cooler here in the valley for the next few days.  Much better for the workers.  Again, hot, dirty work.


DAK said...

I'll bet they just LOVED hauling those wrong colored shingles onto the roof in the sun and then schlepping them all back onto the truck.

mary ann said...

oh oh oh - not green with envy (yet)