Thursday, April 2, 2015

day one, 2015 Semana Santa

This is what our street looked like this morning.

I wish I could send across the blogosphere the sound of this place now.  It's usually so quiet during the day except for the rustling of the palm fronds and the birdsong.  In the evening it's the sound of the surf.  But now it's dueling discos, car radios turned up as loud as possible as the drivers cruise the streets looking for a place to park ~ you can see that spots are hard to come by.  There's one music venue at the northern end of the malecón, at least one at our end plus the various strolling mariachis and other musicians.  Then there's El Faro, a restaurant of sorts, also at our end, that is right now blasting something that's so loud it makes my desk chair quiver.

Last night's disco began at 8, ended at 10:30, started again at 11:45 and finally went quiet sometime around 1 AM, but I had basically passed out by then.  But tonight it will be loud and long, but as I have said, we'll be fast asleep elsewhere.

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