Saturday, April 11, 2015

only two more weeks

We have only two more weeks until we head home.  The village has survived Semana Santa and Pasqua and has gradually returned to its usual quiet.  There is one more happening tonight; Las Bandas, a sort of band jam that will be up at the north end of the malecón although we'll get plenty of sound.  We can surely live through it without too much trouble.

I also managed to get through another birthday without too much stress.   I shared it with a fellow Aires, Blanche, and that made it much easier to bear.  Together we had quite a fine party down at Chuy's puesto on Wednesday night.  About 30 of us gathered for dinner ~ grilled arrachera, fish and shrimp, veggie brochettes, the ubiquitous guacamole, chips, salsa.  And for dessert, very splendid, delicious and super yummy tres leches cakes.  They were from a bakery in Tecoman, Conchitas, and I will NEVER buy one anywhere else.

Balloons to decorate the place

The chefs; Bob (on the left) and Chuy grill fish, arrachera and veggies.

Delicious veggie brochettes

The other celebrant, Blanche, caught a bit off-guard!
It was really a nice party; good vibe, good food, good guests, good conversation.  Both of us felt we had been well ushered into our respective new years!

As usual, we went down to Dago's for dinner last night.  It was very crowded so we didn't linger too long.  But just long enough to see the ice cream man with his little cart on the beach . . .

 . . . and to get a look at this enterprising group that had dug themselves a "conversation pit" into which they put their low beach chairs, an umbrella and were having a fine time.  The only thing they had to worry about was the rising tide.  We left before that became a problem!

Around 9 o'clock last night Fernando came by and called my name.  I went out on the balcony and there, on the street in front of the house, were  musicians to render a lovely birthday serenade.

I tried to make a little video of their singing but by the time I figured out how to do it they were almost done.   I managed to get it up on my Instagram page but can't make it work here, and Andrew is in London and sound asleep right now and I just don't have the heart to call him for a walk-through!  Let me just say it was a very special treat and a nice end to what had become a week-long celebration!


mary ann said...

such a very happy birthday for you and richly deserved!
beautiful pix and words, too

Liz said...

What fun! Party, party, then a serenade! Wow!!!

All that grilled food looks wonderful. What is/are arrachera?

Happy birthday, again...

The Fevered Brain said...

Arrachera is a beef flank steak. Comes pre-marinated in a pouch. Open, grill, slice, serve. Very yummy! Made fajitas.