Tuesday, September 29, 2015

it's all about change

My original travel plan was to leave here on Friday, fly to Seattle and from there to Paris, arriving Saturday morning.  My personal Delta representative informed me this morning that that was NOT going to work.  Nor could I get to DeGaulle from Atlanta, Minneapolia, Detroit, Boston, Denver, National (DC) or JFK.  Maybe she could get me to Nice, Burssels, or Zurich instead.

Her next suggestion was to go from Sacramento to Salt Lake to Minneapolis to JFK to Zurich, then overnight there and take the train to Paris the next day.  This would be leaving on Thursday instead of Friday.  OK, I can do that.  So I researched trains to Paris and hotels in Zurich that are close to the train station ~ there is actually a Best Western .03 miles from the station.   And plenty of ATMs to buy Swiss francs.

But then my crafty agent suggested going to Pittsburgh and heading to Paris from there but of course I had to get to Pittsburgh first and it's the flights out of Sacramento that are also the headache.

Now it looks like I will leave TOMORROW with the original schedule, just 2 days earlier.  This, of course, means I now have to find a hotel in Paris for a couple of nights but I am much more familiar with that city than I am with Zurich (or Pittsburgh, for that matter).  If the CDG flight is full I can try to get to either Atlanta or JFK, easier to negotiate from a big hub airport.  Eventually I will get there!

Now I have to finish up everything I thought I had a couple of days to take care of.  Fortunately I got my haircut today, did some banking, and bought a new pair of sox.  I think I'm ready.  All things being equal, next post will be from Paris.


ddmichel said...

you are a travel inspiration! looking forward to your next post

Liz said...

Well, there's no such thing as a free flight! Reminds me of when Jim and I used to fly "space available." We often were holed up for 3 nights in such garden spots as Dover, DE, waiting for ANY flight out to Europe. I started keeping track of all the expenses incurred while waiting (hotels, meals, etc.). Of course, the free flight was always cheaper, but there were 2 of us. However, it only works if you have the time. And, we could never make hotel reservations in advance. But, that seemed to work out OK.

Well, I hope your leg biopsy problem works out to be nothing... Don't even think about it until you get back!!! Have a blast!

Lots of love,

mary ann said...

Can't wait for the next post! Enjoy...