Tuesday, March 8, 2016

spring storm

While we were playing dominoes this afternoon a pretty good storm blew in to town.  We had rain, lightening, thunder, wind.  The usual.    This was the sky about 5 o'clock when I got home.

Here's what the sky looked like a couple of hours later.  This is a shot from our balcony over the to casa.

 We are expecting more rain tonight.  Mr. C moved all the chairs and equipale tables into the house to keep them dry.  I hope this storm blows itself out by tomorrow.  We're having a little dinner party and I intend to have dinner out on the terrazza.  I guess I had better warn the guests to bring coats and Wellies.

Right now the palm trees are thrashing around, the surf is pounding, the wind is up, and the rain is coming down hard.  The electricity may go off at any moment.  I'll let you know tomorrow if anything dramatic happened in the night.

Here's a luscious treat from Monday's market.

These are for dessert tomorrow night along with some of Mr. C's homemade vanilla ice cream.  Dinner at 7 if you can make it.

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