Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday in Ajijic

Dear Readers,

Well, just like on the trip to Manzanillo, I forgot to bring along the cable that connects the iPod photo system to the Air.  So no pix available yet.  They'll eventually show up, tho.  Probably in a few days.  I've been posting on my Instagram account (@sbchaffee) in case you are a user.  But let me assure you we are having a fantastic time here.  What a wonderful place.  So good, in fact, we're thinking of renting a place next year for a couple of months as a big change from beach life.  The weather is gorgeous, the shopping and dining possibilities are endless, the lake shore is lovely, the malec√≥n a short walk away.  It's true that the sidewalks can be lethal because most are very uneven cobblestones, but with my trusty seeing-eye spo9use I do pretty well.  The house we're staying in is another of T & S''s beyond-gorgeous abodes.  Pictures later.  Beautiful gardens, comfort everywhere, eye candy galore.

We got here Sunday and head back to the beach tomorrow.  I'll be sorry to leave, believe me.  Just a whole lotta work ahead.

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