Monday, May 9, 2011

catching up

I've been away from TV for 5 months and, except for the President's State of the Union speech, have had total blackout. But now I'm back and what to do but turn on the TV at 5:30 for the news. Oy! What a mistake. However, I did watch "60 Minutes" last night and was very impressed by the interview with Obama. A measured, thoughtful assessment of the l'affaire Osama. No cowboy tactics.

But I also don't get to see movies while in Mexico. So I am catching up. First one was "The King's Speech." Superb. Next was "The Kids Are Alright." It, too, was good. Frankly, I prefer Colin Firth to either Julianne Moore or Annette Benning. Next up, thanks to the Flix® will be Season 2 of "In Treatment." I think Deborah Winger appears in these.

No tiangues today. I hardly knew what to do with myself. While up town doing errands I ran into Stan Singleton, the owner of the Casa de las Flores, our favorite B & B in Tlaquepaque. His parents live here and he is visiting for a few weeks. His father, Vern Singleton, is an esteemed emeritus member of the UC Davis department of viticulture and oenology. It was sort of strange to see Stan "out of place" here; he belongs in Mexico.

Bought a tank of gas for the adorable Dorothy. $40! What's going on here?


Alexandra said...

Stan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How funny! Gee that was a wonderful trip, thanks again!

mary ann said...

Gas ~ how much is it in Europe? Will it last forever? Of course I write from a city with decent (not great) public transportation. Also, it's such a pleasure seeing folks trade in their horrid monster SUVs for small Dorothy-like cars.