Wednesday, May 4, 2011

day four

What, you may ask, happened to day three? No internet is what happened. And wouldn't you know it! It was the only day (so far) with an "occurrence." When we arrived in Topo, Mr. C decided he wanted to keep some of our food cold so he left the cold chest that runs off the car battery plugged in just a bit longer. End result? Dead battery. Problem? No jumper cables. We had already decided we were not going to go to Chicho's for dinner so had no plans to go out. We'd figure it out in the morning. When the hotel office opened I went over and explained what had happened and asked if they knew a mechanic who might be able to jump-start the car. They had no idea what I was talking about, and one of them was the night-watchman-handy-man. Things did not look good. As I was contemplating another day in this lands-end place, three young Mexican men came out into the parking lot to get into their truck. I sprang! My battery is dead. Do they have jumper cables. Like all good Mexican young men who drive trucks, they did! We hooked up the car, it gave a tremendous squealing whine and roared to life! Cheers all around. So instead of staying at the hotel for breakfast as we had planned, we packed up the car and took off. The next potential problem was that we had to stop for gas and cut the engine. So in 20 miles we pulled into a Pemex station and, hoping for a bright future cut the engine. Mexican gas stations aren't like US stations; they don't have any services other than gas and windshield wipes. No mechanics. But not to fear. Vincent had made his point; don't drain my battery by keeping your beer cold! Car started and we were on our way to San Carlos.

The weather all along the route has been hot and muggy and overcast. San Carlos was no different. It was too humid to sit out on the balcony until early evening. No splendid party going on this visit. Finally went down to the dining room for a bowl of soup and called it an early night.

We were on the road by 6 AM this morning, through Hermasillo in a flash, and at the border by 11:15. There were no long lines as usual, and we were through with all questions, searches, etc., in about 15 minutes. Fastest time ever. Then on to our favorite Burger King for lunch and finally here, in Gila Bend at the Space Age Motel. The place has been up-graded and refurbished since we were here in December; quite spiffy. It's hot and dusty outside; cooled by AC inside. I am very relieved to be here, even though there was nothing at all that caused concern, except the battery. I do believe that if you exercise caution and good judgment you'll probably be OK. That and wear a boat-load of talisman necklaces!

Tomorrow morning we will drive to Long Beach for the night. Thought we would be able to see Alex and Pete but they are both very busy so we have opted for a hotel so we can be up and out in a hurry on Friday morning. We are eager to get home.


mary ann said...

we readers love adventures! yours...

Alexandra said...

So sorry we won't see you!