Friday, May 6, 2011

home again, home again

We left Long Beach at 6:30 AM, got thought LA and onto the Grapevine in easy time, crossed the Sacramento County line at 12:30 PM and pulled into our driveway by 1:10 PM. Los Angelenos drive like crazy people, and there are a lot of them. Our favorite Rest Stop was closed ~ we always stop there for a breakfast break and short rest ~ so we had to press on. Not too much traffic until, I would say, Fresno. Then it was 2-lanes and a bit slower. But all together, easy.

It's good to be here. House was left tidy and clean. Two big bins of mail to deal with, a few phone messages. A huge bunch of flowers on the dining table; what a lovely welcome. So tonight it will be a grilled steak ~ haven't had any really good beef for 5 months ~ and a good night's sleep in my own bed. Tomorrow it's unpacking, laundry, the Davis Farmers' Market, and a restocking of the larder. So it goes.


Alexandra said...

Welcome to your US home! So glad the house was ready to receive you!
Dang I wish you were driving you could bring us apple juice, no way that's going in your luggage, darn ut! We'll just have to come see you (and the apple juice!) XXXXOOOO

mary ann said...

all good news!