Thursday, May 24, 2012

almost open for business

Yes, the lemonade stand is almost ready.  But not quite.  We worked all day on getting the kitchen set up but it's a lot more work than one might think.  Despite the previous tenant insisting that she had cleaned for days, all the cabinets had to be thoroughly scrubbed, the old shelf paper removed, thumb tacks levered out, drawers disinfected, etc.  You know what it's like if you've ever moved into a rental!   But 9 hours of work can do wonders. 

We were interrupted by the visit from the Charter Communications guy who had come to set up Alex's Wi-Fi system.  Alas, the equipment she had purchased at Best Buy was faulty ~ the wireless software had not been installed ~ so nothing would work.  Best Buy was in no way concerned that it  had sold her a faulty piece of merchandise and if she wanted to drive another 2 hours, RT, she could replace  what she had bought but there was no guarantee that what BB gave her would work and thank you very much.  The lesson learned:  buy local (Walla Walla) and don't do business with a company that is so blasé about its customers' satisfaction.  She has decided she will return everything she bought, purchase something from a local vendor, and try again to get the system hooked up.  Another study in frustration.

We did, however, get lots done today.  I would put up some "before" pix but left the cable in the other house.  I'll do it tomorrow. 

We've had a lovely dinner in our little bungalow and it's now time to go to bed.  Tomorrow is another day.  We thought it would be the "bedroom" and "office" day but I think it will be more of the "kitchen" set up.  We got all the shelf paper either put down or cut for tomorrow's installation.  We also got the drawers and cabinets labeled for what is to be housed:  pantry, pots and pans, silverware, everyday china and glassware, cleaning solvents, etc.  The next chore is to open all the boxes that bear the same labels and get the stuff stowed away.  The bedroom and office will have to wait.


mary ann said...

you two are such dedicated workers, but it must be fun to see such obvious improvement ~ so looking forward to the pics

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

"Everything always turns out well in the end... If it hasn't yet turned out well, it's not the end."
--Indian manager, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (from movie with the same name-- a MUST SEE!)

What happened to all that oil cloth? I pictured the kitchen being made adorable with lots of that in cupboards & drawers!

The Fevered Brain said...

The oil cloth is going to be use for some other things. We decided it was too hard to cut it all to measure and keep it flat on the shelves without nailing it or gluing it down. She some stretcher frames she's going to cover with oil cloth and hang on the kitchen walls. We'll see what turns up!