Saturday, May 5, 2012

from Topolobampo

A long and utterly uneventful drive until somewhere past Mazatlan when the heavens opened and we had a brief downpour. Otherwise, thankfully, nothing. Arrived at our usual little dumpy hotel, got our usual little dumpy room, and are getting ready for evening cocktails and other refreshments followed by dinner of cold chicken, crudities, and for dessert, the last of some chocolate biscotti we brought down in December. Nothing ever goes to waste when Mr. C is in charge of the kitchen.

Tomorrow it’s on to San Carlos and our last night in Mexico for this season. Tonight is the big full moon, and the Topo bay is the best place to see it, but it’s not until 9:30 PM and I’ll have been asleep for at least an hour by then. We’d have to get in the car and drive into town for the post-card view. Another biggie tomorrow night. All I’ll have to do is step out on my balcony as the orange moon rises over San Carlos Bay. Much better idea.
I messed the Derby again this year; it's my most favorite sporting event ~ aside from baseball, of course ~ and I hope that we're in someplace with a TV when it's run. But not today.

Congratulations to I'll Have Another, a California 3-yr. old ridden by Mario Gutierrez from Veracruz, Mexico.  Pure California gold.


Alexandra said...

So far so good!
See you TUESDAY!

mary ann said...

Keep on keeping on...