Friday, January 18, 2013


Back on the internet.  Back with a telephone.  Back to health.

After patiently awaiting attention from Telmex, six weeks after putting in our order we finally got our internet hook-up yesterday.  And after (not so) patiently awaiting repairs, we got our phone reconnected.  It's good to be back!  My cold, in its second iteration, was every bit as bad as the first, but it has faded and is almost gone, except for a delicate little cough every now and then.  But I think Mr. C is about to succumb, although he's taking massive doses of Vitamin C and swilling cough suppressant.

Much has happened around here during the last couple of weeks.  But right now we are heading off to Tecoman to buy two new door handle sets and a new faucet for our bathroom.  I'll post again, with pictures of, among other things, the new wall Fernando is building on our adjacent lot.  Quite spiffy, I think.

Here's a little snap of Mr. C's gardening efforts.  I think they are tiny tomato plants.  We'll see.

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Liz says:

Glad to hear you now have communications back, and that your cold has subsided. Been worried about you!!!