Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños, Luly

Last evening's birthday party was very lively, with lots of folks happy to celebrate, good music, excellent posole washed down with cold Tecate. We gathered around the pool in Luly's great back garden party space. Not only was it a birthday party, it was also our opportunity to meet Luly's gentleman caller, Howard, who is visiting from California.    There have been many, many wonderful parties at Luly's over the years, but this may have been the last hurrah.  She is joining Howard in Coronade in March.  I will miss her but have great memories of good times.  Mr. C bowed out, deciding that his cold was not a good thing to give as a birthday gift. The weather was not too hot and the mosquitoes went elsewhere, fortunately.

 While we are basking in balmy weather, this is from daughter Alex in Walla Walla.

She'll be here to thaw out on February 15th for her annual visit. We'll do the usual ~ Dago's, tianguis, perhaps a run up to Colima, a sroll or two on the malecón, and a trip into Manzanillo for a 2-night stay. Mr. C and I will go to immigration to renew our resident visas while Alex lolls by the pool. Then we'll go to a really great restaurant for her birthday celebration dinner.

Comida this afternoon at Fernando's puesto and again, I think Mr. C will bow out.  Fernando said he'd bring a plato of grilled fish and veggies to him about 2 o'clock.  I'll go down to the beach to have lunch with some visitors from Quebec whom I've know for many years.  It all adds up to a nice, quiet Sunday.

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mary ann said...

Oh, good, you are back posting and I'm loving every word and photo.