Saturday, January 5, 2013

the view from Dago's

Dinner on the beach last night.  Jolly crowd.  Neighbor Nelson is in town which always makes for interesting conversation around the table.  Mrs. Neighbor will be here the end of the month.  Even more interesting conversation.

Chores in Tecoman this morning; first the bacon and cheese shop, then the supermercado for other essentials.  No opera today; uses up too many megs on our little stick.  We're trying to limit ourselves and make 3 G's last a month.  You'd be surprised how much you use in a day or two.

Warm and clear again today, just as it should be.


mary ann said...

oh, thank you, I've been waiting for the sunset photos ~ too, too beautiful

ddmichel said...

Dago's? Now you are seriously making me impatient to come down!!