Friday, December 20, 2013


On Wednesday we took off early for Tecoman to take care of several bits of business.  First stop was at the bank to pay our annual bank trust fee.  This year it took only two employees (one who knew what to do, one who didn't) and 30 minutes and we were out the door, paid up for another year.  Next we went to the bacon/cheese shop for some Mexican cheddar (white and mild) and yummy bacon.  To a different bank for a wad of pesos.  Since I missed Monday's tinaguis in Armeria because of the lost keys saga, we stopped in at the Tecoman offering instead, bought a few veggies and some fruit, then headed for the Bodega supermercado for the things we had forgotten on our first trip.

Among the things on the "to buy" list were lightbulbs.  Since these will disappear from the shelves in another couple of weeks here as well as in the US, we bought all they had on the shelf ~ seven 60W bulbs.  Nothing higher and no 3-way.  All gone.  Hoarded by people like us who HATE those curly things.  Thanks a lot, Congress.  We now have enough to get us through this season, I hope, providing they don't salt up and blow out.

Dago's tonight for our usual dinner with the local crowd.  And tomorrow will be my first opera, A Midsummer Night's Dream.  The season has officially begun!


mary ann said...

we love the curly things and they last FOREVER

The Fevered Brain said...

OK, but everyone looks like they're suffering a fatal facial blood drainage disease. The new LED's are MUCH better but more pricy. They, too, last FOREVER.