Sunday, December 15, 2013

sun up to sun down

Sunrise somewhere between Sacramento and Los Angeles, courtesy of Southwest Airlines.  The van picked us up at 3:45.  Classes are out at the big U so there were students as our co-passengers, on their way home for the holidays.  They included one young man who stumbled into the van, trailing great clouds of alcohol, presumably as a result of his end-of-term celebrations.  He promptly fell asleep.  We checked ALL our luggage (four pieces) FREE.  Bumpy but beautiful (see above). Then over to Alaska for the flight to Manzanillo.  When we boarded in Sac the temperature was 41º.  When we landed here it was 84º.  I like this better.

 Just a couple of glitches when we got home.  First, no gas so no hot water and no cooking.  Unfortunately it may be a break in the line but that's to worry about another day.   A nice cold shower is good for the soul.  Second, a HUGE spider on the kitchen wall which, this morning, has disappeared and I'll probably find it on the plates when I open the cupboard (I'm waiting a few days1).  A few light bulbs blown, some salted-up in the sockets, no toilet paper.  Otherwise, all was prepared for our arrival.  Chuy had made her world-class chiles rellenos, there was indeed lots of cold beer in the fridge.  It's good to be here.

Here's our first sunset of the season.  And there will be many, many more. 

Today it's off to Tecoman and La Bodega for a car-load of supplies!


Liz said...

Much, much better when you fly! We all love not having to hold our collective breath for days when you drove down...

Hope the gas problem gets fixed soon, but at least you're in a warm place!!!

mary ann said...

OK, now I can relax and enjoy the beach with you two