Friday, December 13, 2013

Thanksgiving and so on

Let me just say right off that yes, I have been neglectful to a serious fault, since putting up my pix of "the boys" almost three weeks ago.  I took many photos during our Bozeman sojourn but, alas, they are on the "big" iMac and I am using the Air®.  The big computer is all packed away because we leave TOMORROW for the beach house.  I think the photos may still be on the camera (also packed) so when we finally get settled I'll check that out.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to report that we had a wonderful visit with family and friends.  NPW in UK:  everyone did his/her baking as promised.  NN:  the Hutterite turkey did not disappoint.  The weather was gorgeous; bright and sunny every day although very cold.  Nights clear and very chilly.  I saw several deer, including a young doe who picked her way delicately across the meadow in the snow.  We saw lots of deer tracks on our walks.  The dogs love rolling in the snow; canine snow angles.

On Cait's advice we decided to leave a day early.  Saturday flights were jammed.  So we packed up and went to the airport early Friday morning but, alas, we didn't make it onto the plane.  A quick check showed there were 15 open seats on a 1 PM flight to SLC out of Butte.  Alex drove us up, we bid good-bye and checked in.  When I inquired I was told that several others were waiting for a non-rev spot on the flight; there were not enough seats on an earlier  plane so just have a seat and see what happens.  We did and here's what happened.  The plane arrived from SLC, the passengers got off, and about 20 minutes later an announcement said that our flight had been cancelled due to mechanical problems.  Now what?  We decided to spend the night in Butte and try to get out early the next morning.  I called Cait and reported this; she did a quick flight check and reporter there were absolutely NO seats Saturday or Sunday out of Butte. 

So Alex, now half way back to Bozeman made a big U-turn and  came back for us.  We decided then  go to the Bozeman airport and rent a car and drive to Salt Lake (the car rental in Butte would not rent us a car we could drop in SL).  At 7 am on Saturday we headed off for SLC, 400 miles away and we had to get the car checked in by 2:50 PM or pay for another day.  At 80-MPH, the speed limit in Utah, we made it by 2 PM on the dot.  We checked into a hotel for the night and were at the airport on Sunday morning by 7 am hoping to get on an 8:30 flight.  There was one seat left, which I took, and was home at 9:30 (one hour time change).  Mr. C got on the 11 am flight and was home by 12:30.  Meanwhile, as I backed the car out of the garage to head off to the airport I cut it a little close and ripped off the right side mirror.  Frazzled, to say the least, i picked up the weary traveler who asked what had happened.  I think I replied in a too-loud voice, "Don't ask!  Just get in."  He drove home.

The last two weeks have been spent getting ready to head south tomorrow morning.  Haircut, pedicure, packing, cleaning the house for guests.  We are NOT driving this year.  We'll fly to Los Angeles at 6 am tomorrow morning ~ the shuttle picks us up at 3:45 am ~ then on out of LA to Manzanillo at 10:30.  Fernando will  pick us up at 4 pm (Central time).  Chuy will have our chiles rellenos picadillo ready and waiting along with a nice cold Indio to wash it all down.  The temperature is forecast at 87ยบ!

So will begin our 12th season.  I'll let you know how it all goes.


Liz E. said...

What a hassle! Air travel is frenetic during the holidays anyway, and to try for free seats is really gutsy. But, you made it!

Now, we look forward to your next post from the beach, without the agony of having to worry about you driving there. Safe travels!

mary ann said...

whoosh, I'm exhausted reading about your trip home, but delighted to see that you are now in Mexico ~ you two are so adventurous. Now rest.