Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dago's in black and white . . .

Dinner last night at Dago's, as usual.  The host and hostess in black and white.

The whole crowd in living color.  It was a lovely evening!  That's Em off in the blaze of shadow in the right.

Today I did not listen to the opera ~ Wozzeck by Berg ~ but instead played a fast game of dominoes, took a swim and got ready for comida prepared by Chuy but served at home.  This evening there was a little margarita party down at El Chino's to say adios to S and P who leave on Thursday to return to the US.  Now we're home to have a light supper of salad and whatever else we find.  Tomorrow we'll stroll over to the Siete Mares for desayuno and then Andrew and Em head off to the airport for an afternoon flight to Los Angeles.  It's been an awfully fast week!

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