Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Another gripping tale of life at the beach.

At about 1:30 AM Mr. C got up and walked out onto the upstairs terrazzo.  What caught his eye was a flickering glow coming from the housing for the hot water heater.  He opened the little door and there were flames shooting up the side of the house wall.  Always thinking fast, he first tried to smother the flames with . . .flour.  That didn't work so he raced downstairs and turned off the main gas valve.  When he got back, following in his flour-y footsteps, the fire was out.  There was apparently a leak between the hose and the regulator.  I slept on soundly.  I knew nothing until about 7 AM this morning when he said, "Come and get a cup of coffee and I'll tell you something to shock and amaze."  I must have looked stricken, because he added, "Nobody died."

This is the hot water heater (el boiler) in its little closet

Here are the controls, covered in baked-on flour

Scorched wall
Fernando was here by 8:30, checking it all out.  He turned off the water, took off some of the parts and went off to Armeria to buy new ones.  We should be back in business by this afternoon.

Never a dull moment . . .

Alex takes off for home this afternoon after 10 days of R & R, along with some dominoes, beach walks, good reads.  Kids went back last Sunday.  We head home two weeks from today.  Much to soon.


mary ann said...

wow1 Mr. C. is v.
(I wrote down "Fortress of Solitude" and thanks

ddmichel said...

wow, home ownership in Mexico, not to be taken lightly!

Liz said...

Mr. C. is amazing! Did he smell smoke, which prompted him to walk upstairs in the middle of the night?

Yes, one's stay in one's own Paradise is always over too soon...

Speaking of "one's Paradise," I'm moving to Palm Springs, just as soon as I sell my house here in B'more. (Now on the market.) Can't deal with the 3 floors of stairs any longer. I just felt SO good & happy during my 6 weeks in PS!